How Common Are Serious Motorcycle Accidents?

Depending on where you live and travel, at any given time, there could the roads and highways could be filled with cars, trucks and motorcycles. Unfortunately, not every driver will obey traffic laws, nor will everyone drive safely and wisely. Other factors can also lead to incidents and collisions. Motorcycles are no exception as a motorcycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Wiseman Bray, PLLC can explain.

Frequency of Motorcycle Accidents

Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly to some people, when a person gets on the back of a motorcycle, he or she is not more likely to get into an accident than the same person would be in a car or truck. In fact, car accidents occur far more frequently than motorcycle crashes, though there are also many more cars on the road than there are motorcycles.

Likelihood of Serious Injuries or Death

Here’s where the tables turn. Because of their very nature with not nearly as much protection as cars and trucks, there are more motorcycle fatalities than other vehicular fatalities on the roads and highways of the U.S. In fact, statistics show that for every mile traveled, there are nearly 23 motorcycle deaths for every 100 million miles. Compare this with less than one fatality in cars in the same number of miles traveled. Motorcycles make up 14% of all traffic deaths despite representing only 3% of all vehicles on the road. More than 78% of all motorcycle crashes cause injuries, and more than 4%, unfortunately, result in death.

Reasons the Injury and Fatality Stats Are Higher

The biggest culprit for motorcycle accidents are drivers of car and trucks who do not see the bikes. Motorcycle riders also have far less protection, as they are in an open environment. Riders often suffer injuries or fatalities when they don’t wear helmets.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Just like car crashes, motorcycle accidents come in a variety of forms and happen for numerous reasons. Man of these are head-on collisions where an oncoming car will hit the front of the motorcycle, often because the driver of the car didn’t even notice the motorcycle. Riders turning left also face some scary situations, as speeding cars through intersections may disregard the bike. Sometimes, motorcycle riders may misjudge how much room they have to safely turn.

Motorcycle riders can take safety precautions and can drive with heightened awareness. Though riding can be enjoyable, those who choose this activity or form or travel should understand the risks involved and the possible consequences of accidents. This can help prepare you to ride wisely and take legal action in case of an injury.

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