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The ridesharing phenomenon has made it easier now more than ever to get around town on a moments notice. Many people use the company Uber for quick rides either to work, the airport, or home after a night out. However, despite the growing popularity of Uber, these companies are not always fairly compensating passengers who get hurt due to an accident. An attorney understands how complex of an area ridesharing laws can be, and will do what we can to see that you get the financial payment needed to recover.

Levels of Insurance Coverage

Uber has insurance coverage in place to protect themselves and support victims of accidents when they arise. But, Uber may not necessitate that their drivers obtain insurance a high level of insurance. And in many cases, victims of accidents may not be able to pursue compensation from Uber until the driver’s insurance has been exhausted. It is important to have legal representation as you are negotiating terms of a financial settlement, as Uber may try to offer you as little as possible despite deserving much more.

What to Do if An Accident Strikes

As the ridesharing industry continues to grow, the occurrence of accidents are likely to increase as well. Passengers who are taking an Uber ride must know what to do in the event an accident strikes. Knowing what steps to take can help protect you from suffering further loss. Here we have summarized how to respond if you or someone you love has been involved in an Uber accident:

  1. Call 911 for help and wait for police to arrive. Never flee the scene. It is important that your name and statement is included in the police report.
  2. Get medical attention, even if you believe you haven’t been injured. Injuries associated with vehicle-related collisions are notorious for not being noticeable until hours or days later.
  3. Gather the driver’s information, including name, address, contact, insurance carrier, policy number, driver’s license number, vehicle make/model/year, and license plate number.
  4. Take photographs of the car damage, your visible injuries, witnesses, debri on the road, broken windows, and anything else relevant to the accident. These photos can be helpful to your attorney, as he or she fights for your compensation.

Do Not Commit This Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes victims of Uber accidents may commit, is assuming the company Uber will automatically cover injuries, damages, and other losses. The unfortunate truth is that Uber will try to protect their company from paying out a large monetary sum at all costs. The well-being of the passengers injured in an accident are not the priority, as Uber is a for-profit organization.

If you were in an Uber accident, we encourage you to contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation. We don’t believe you should have to pay the consequences for another person’s fault. Call today so your lawyer can get started negotiating for your deserved settlement.

Source: personal injury attorney Cheverly, MD, Cohen Lawyers.