Looking for Top U.S. Injury Attorneys

Where to look, what to ask?

There are many different ways to look for top U.S. injury attorneys and many people recommend that you use different avenues to cross reference what you find as you do this.
Hiring the right attorney to protect your rights can be a daunting task. Many people have never had to hire an attorney but even if you have done this in the past, knowing that you have to do this again is probably not the most pleasant thought.
There are many different kinds of personal injury claims and different lawyers specialize in different areas of personal injury law. Some attorneys advertise themselves as general personal injury attorneys but more typically, a personal injury attorney or law firm will specialize in different areas of personal injury law. Some examples of common personal injury specialty areas include, car or motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, product defect injuries and wrongful death claims. There are many more different specialty areas and within many of these specialty areas there are specialty areas.

Word of Mouth

The good old fashioned method of asking for referrals from knowledgeable and trustworthy family, friends, community/spiritual leaders, and other professionals, is still a great place to start. Keep in mind that if your case is of a sensitive nature, or even if this is just not something you want people outside of your close circle of family and friends to know about, you should be careful about who you tell your situation to and who you ask for help.
Many people find it a comfort to know that someone they are already close to has been treated well and gotten the help they needed from a potential attorney. This often makes trusting that attorney will have your best interests in mind easier because you know someone that they have already done this for is someone you already trust.

Bar Associations

Local and state bar associations are a good resource to find specific kinds of lawyers in your area. Many of them have easy to use online resources and ways to contact them by telephone if you need help. Bar associations provide information about attorneys to the public that includes whether or not the attorney is licensed, in good standing, and if there has been any disciplinary actions against them. Many bar associations provide additional information such as an attorney’s education, length of time they’ve been active, etc.


The chances of you utilizing Google or other search engines while looking for an attorney is very high. You may do this to find a particular type of injury attorney in your area, client reviews, peer reviews, professional reviews, a bar association, and other resources designed to help people find attorneys.

There are additional resources and ways of finding a good injury attorney that are not mentioned here. Whenever you find something that looks good and who you think will work for you, do some research to make sure it is a legitimate source and follow your instincts on it.