Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a civil lawsuit that involves damages for an injury or illness caused by a negligent, malicious or reckless party, the victim of this can sue for financial compensation and other damages from the at-fault party. The kinds of damages you may be entitled to are dependent on numerous factors that include but are not limited to; how you got injured; where you were when you were injured; the medical expenses you have already incurred as well as potential future ones; non medical expenses and hardships that are the result of your injury; your prognosis and projected future outcomes; and your pain and suffering. These are just a few of the more common reasons people seek damages after being injured or becoming ill because of someone else’s negligence.

Each person and their accident or other cause of injury or illness are unique, and the damages that an individual is entitled to will differ from person to person.

The short and long term effect a particular accident has on a person is dependent on many things other than the accident itself and may not be directly related to the particular situation that injured them. These include things such as, their overall health and physical well-being prior to the accident or situation that caused them to be unwell, their age, the resources and facilities for injuries or illnesses of their kind in their area, and whether or not they get the kind of care they need and the time they need to heal, to name just of a few of the things that may affect what may affect the damages a person is entitled to recover.

Within personal injury law, there are many areas that a personal injury lawyer may specialize in one or a few of. Examples of legal practice areas lawyers who focus on defending personal injury victims include but are not limited to:

– DUI accidents

– Medical malpractice

– Workplace injuries

– Slip and fall accidents

– Premise liability accidents

– Auto accidents

– Assault and/or battery

– Slander and/or defamation

– Birth injuries

– Swimming pool injuries

– Amusement park injuries

– Dangerous and faulty products

– Asbestos related illnesses

– Wrongful death

These are just a few of the more common areas of law that personal injury lawyers specialize in. Within each of these areas and the many others there are, are subspecialties that a personal lawyer may focus more specifically on. An example of this is a personal injury auto accident lawyer may focus on a particular kind of accident such as, rear-end, multi-car rear-end, t-bone, reckless driving, DUI related, as well as on things such as the kinds of vehicles involved in an accident. An example of other specialty areas are accidents with, commercial trucks, buses, teen drivers, hit and run, pedestrians, etc.

A lawyer you who is experienced with your particular kind of accident is qualified to discuss the kinds of damages you may be entitled to recover for it.

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