Credit Scores and Unpaid Medical Bills From an Accident

When you are unable to pay your medical bills after an accident, it can get quite stressful. Your medical providers might tack on hefty fines, and even send the bills to collections. When that happens, it can negatively affect your credit score. What if you’re waiting for a settlement? The following are some ideas to help you out when you’re stuck in this situation.

Speak With Your Healthcare Providers

In some cases, when healthcare providers knows you are waiting on a settlement, they will hold off on sending your bills to collections. Instead, they’ll wait until your lawyer gives them notice of your settlement, after which they will require payment. There’s also a form you can sign, promising the provider payment before you are given any of the settlement yourself. Your lawyer would settle the costs with the settlement money before signing it all over to you.

Get Put On a Payment Plan

If your medical provider is unable to wait for payment until you receive your settlement, he or she may be able to put you on a payment plan. Perhaps the doctor will require a certain amount down at each appointment, and then a monthly payment on top of that. Maybe you’ll receive a discount at each appointment if you pay for it in full with cash. There are all sorts of arrangements your provider may be willing to offer, so it’s definitely worth asking about.

Use Personal Health Insurance

One way to avoid having your credit score damaged due to unpaid medical bills while waiting for a settlement is by utilizing your personal health insurance. In many cases, your health insurer will place a lien on the settlement. This ensures they are compensated before you can use the money for other bills. It’s a great way to bridge that gap of time between needing care and having the money to pay for it.

Seek Other Options

If you have no other choice, there may be some more creative ways to go about paying your medical bills in order to avoid a negative mark on your credit score. For example, if your injury occurred at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. If you qualify, you could utilize Medicaid, Medicare or another government program. If your injury occurred while driving, you may be able to use PIP or another portion of your auto insurance policy.

Getting a Lawyer Involved To Protect Your Credit Score

After an accident, you shouldn’t be penalized for not having tens of thousands of dollars sitting around to pay for medical bills. If your credit score is at risk of a negative mark, get a personal injury attorney, like Top US injury attorneys involved today for help in protecting it.