Many couples find they’re able to maintain a good working relationship throughout the process of divorce. But even the most amicable soon-to-be exes can run into rough spots when it comes to practical matters like splitting property and determining child custody. These serious matters require more than a handshake and faith that your former partner will do the right thing. That’s where divorce attorneys come in. It surprises many couples to learn that even if they agree on everything, there may still be benefits to using a divorce attorney. Keep reading to learn if hiring one is right for you.

Avoiding Mistakes

On its face, divorce may sound simple. Just agree to end the marriage, sign the papers – it’s all done, right? Legal matters are never quite that easy. Forgetting to do something like address credit card debt or determine ownership of a storage unit can result in a conflict that can go on for months or longer. Or you may file the wrong paperwork and you can end up needing a whole new legal procedure to sort out the resulting drama. Attorneys, on the other hand, are paid to know all the things that should be factored into a divorce.

You May Not Agree on Everything

It’s common for a couple divorcing to think they agree on everything only to learn later they left out a few key issues. For instance, they may agree on basics like alimony and division of debt, but learn down the road that they disagree on things like splitting retirement assets. A couple may also change their minds as proceedings move forward. A trained divorce attorney is there to spot areas of potential disagreement and negotiate solutions.

Getting What You Want

Anyone can create a divorce document and present it to the court – but that doesn’t mean they will get the outcome they want. The language of the legal system can be complex and if you don’t follow it to the letter, you can end up with a divorce decree that doesn’t accomplish what either party wanted. An attorney offers experience drafting legal documents that clearly state your intent and desires in language the court will understand.

Divorcing can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention emotionally draining even if you and your partner agree on everything. Don’t add to the stress by trying to go it alone. Contact an experienced child custody lawyer in Dallas, TX, such as from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, to learn how to dissolve your union the right way.