Rape can cause victims to feel sadness, shame, stress and other emotions. Believing certain myths about rape can make the situation even more distressing. Here are some common misconceptions about rape.

Rape Is Only Committed By Strangers

A common myth about rape is that it can only happen among compete strangers. However, rape can still occur if the the victim knows the person. In fact, most rapes are committed by someone the victims knows.

Rape Victims Entice Their Assailants By Wearing Provocative Clothing

Unfortunately, some people still think that those who dress provocatively are asking for it. This could not be further from the truth and shifts blame on the victims. The way a person dresses does not give someone the excuse to sexually that person. 

Only Women Are Rape Victims

It is true that a larger percentage of rape victims are women. However, that doesn’t mean that rape can’t ever happen to men. Some men have been a victim of rape in their lifetime, and the incident can affect them very negatively as well.

It’s Not Rape If It Happens After Drinking or Taking Drugs

Just because someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, doesn’t mean that another person should take advantage of him or her. The person isn’t in his or her right mind and can’t consent to sex.

Rape Frequently Occurs Because of Miscommunication

Another common myth about rape is that it’s often the result of miscommunication. This just isn’t true. Rape results without consent through the use of force or intimidation. 

Those Who Don’t Fight Back Haven’t Been Raped

Some rape victims fight back against their assailants while others don’t. However, just because someone does not fight back, does not mean that he or she didn’t suffer rape. Some people don’t fight back because they are afraid of retaliation.

Women Falsely Accuse Men of Rape Frequently

This is a dangerous myth that some people still believe. While some women do falsely accuse men of rape, it’s a very rare occurence. The majority of rape reports are true.

Getting Justice

If you are the victim of rape, you deserve justice. It is important to get in touch with a rape victims lawyer, like one from The Lynch Law Group. A lawyer can help you file a civil claim against your abuser and improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.