Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents make up a large portion of total personal injury accidents. There are so many drivers on the road, so there is a moderate chance of getting into an accident. As a Jefferson car accident lawyer like one from Norris Injury Law can explain, if your accident could have been prevented and was caused by a negligent driver you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. You should not have to pay out of pocket for the costs of an accident. If you have been in a recent accident and would like to explore your legal options, don’t wait. Schedule your consultation with a trusted lawyer so that you can learn more about services that are available. Some of the most common car accident scenarios include the following cases.

Rear-End Collision

A rear end accident can happen for a variety of reasons. There may be traffic and the driver is impatient and attempts to weave through lanes so that they can get by. A driver may not brake in time or brakes at the wrong moment. In other cases, the driver is distracted because they might have been looking at their phone, talking to passengers, or were preoccupied in some other way. 

T-Bone Collision 

A T-bone collision is a car accident where a driver is struck from the side. This is common in intersections and conflict areas where other drivers are attempting to make a turn. An example is when a driver attempts to make an unprotected left turn while opposing traffic has the right of way. If the driver miscalculates their timing, they can strike the side of the oncoming vehicle. 

Wrong-Way Accident 

When a vehicle is traveling in the wrong way, it is a scary and extremely dangerous situation for everyone nearby it. Drivers who may be in their path do not have much time to avoid a collision because the wrong-way driver is traveling so fast. Most wrong-way accidents are a result of intoxicated drivers who are not able to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. 

Rollover Accident 

Another type of accident that is less common are rollover accidents. These types of accidents tend to happen when a vehicle is traveling at excessive speeds or are struck by a vehicle that is traveling at a high speed. They often result in severe injuries such as spinal injuries, severe head trauma, brain bleeding, tissue damage, and broken bones. 

Road Obstruction 

Obstacles on the road can be caused by a number of things, such as loose cargo from a commercial truck or construction projects done by the government. In cases where the government is involved, it is even more complex to resolve an accident. With so many parties that could play a role, from government departments to contractors, accident cases involving road obstructions are often difficult to effectively resolve. You will need the guidance and knowledge of a skilled and highly experienced lawyer if you want a strong case outcome. 

With so many types of car accidents, having the right legal guidance is essential to get compensated for your damages. For more information about legal services, contact a trusted car accident lawyer in your area now.