5 Signs Your Workplace May Be Racially Biased

Discrimination Litigation Lawyer

It is possible that at some point during your career, you will get hired into a company that may not be as racially sensitive or aware as others. You may find yourself witnessing coworkers being the victim of racial discrimination. You may also find that you have become the target of very inappropriate and quite unlawful statements. It is important to know your rights and report incidents of racial discrimination. 

For those who need a little extra help figuring out the best way to handle such a situation, can turn to an attorney, like a discrimination litigation lawyer in Washington, DC from Eric Siegel Law, for assistance. They know how common this issue can be in the work environment, but unfortunately many do not come forward and simply decide to put in their two-week notice instead.

In this article, we have covered five major signs that your workplace may be racially biased, and that it may be time to consult with an attorney about what your options are for seeking compensation or retribution. 

#1 You Hear Passive Racist Remarks

It is not a good sign if you hear someone in your workplace refer to you or someone else as being “one of them.” This statement can be hinting at the racial differences between you and others. It suggests that the workplace is viewed through the lense of racial segregation. 

#2 Everybody in the Company Knows

It is a sad fact that sometimes work environments have been racially biased for so long that eventually everyone knows it but doesn’t do anything about it. They may simply shrug it off and are aware that is it not normal. But, nobody wants to be the first person to say something and stir up the pot. 

#3 Hearing Opinions from the News

Opinions about racially oriented cases in the news can cause friction in the workplace when people express viewpoints that are not exactly respectful. It is best if employees keep this kind of talk out of the workplace. Politics, religion and race are all very fragile topics when it comes to work discussions. 

#4 You Hear Racial Slurs Being Used

You may expect your work to be the very last place to hear racial slurs. The use of racial slurs can have a domino effect if one worker uses it openly, and there are no consequences from their supervisors. It is even more awful if someone in a management position commits racial slurs, as subordinates may then feel it is acceptable to use such terms. 

#5 You Find Yourself Checking Laws

If you eventually find yourself at your computer searching online for laws regarding racial discrimination in the workplace, it is likely happening. There is a reason you decided to search information about legalities. You may feel unsafe or concerned, and want to know your rights before reporting an act of unlawful treatment. 

If you need advice or guidance handling an incident of racial discrimination, a lawyer can help.