Auto Accident Lawyer

A car accident has the potential to leave those involved with serious injuries, but women who are pregnant are particularly at risk. The fragile fetus is more susceptible to severe injury and has increased chances of mortality after an accident. Even if the child survives, repercussions of the accident may arise in a miscarriage or deformities after birth. Here are some injuries pregnant women and their unborn babies can incur from accidents.

Fetal Trauma

A woman’s growing stomach during pregnancy means her abdomen will be closer to the steering wheel and restricted by the lap belt. In a crash, her stomach will likely strike the steering wheel, potentially causing direct injury to the fetus — usually in the form of head trauma as the head is the largest part of the baby. This can result in fetal mortality or severe disabilities once the child is born.

Maternal Shock

When a woman falls into shock due to a loss of blood and oxygen to critical organs, her body will redirect its remaining blood to those essential areas. The uterus, and therefore fetus, becomes unimportant to the woman’s survival, and the fetus will lose much of its necessary blood supply. If this occurs, the chances of fetal mortality are incredibly high.

Placental Abruption

This occurs when the force of the crash causes the placenta to detach from the uterine wall prior to birth, essentially severing life support from the mother to the fetus. The odds of placental abruption are not high in most pregnancies, but a car accident can increase chances of its occurrence significantly. This can also present a life-threatening situation to the woman due to internal bleeding.

Keeping yourself and the fetus safe can go beyond eating healthy and getting enough sleep, so take extra care while driving: follow the rules of the road and be extra alert for other hazardous drivers. If you’re ever in an accident, seek medical help immediately to ensure neither of you have suffered serious trauma, and follow-up with your doctor if you have any concerns later.

If you are a victim of a crash due to another’s negligent driving, consult a lawyer who specializes in car accident lawsuits, especially if the fetus incurred serious injury or death. A woman who is pregnant and involved in a crash will likely spend more time in medical care than one who is not, and the compensation of a filed claim can be worth much more. Discussing your case with a lawyer can get you the rightful compensation for your suffering and loss.

Source: Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park, CA, Barry P. Goldberg